To apply to Lewisham Tenants Fund, a TRA must be accredited.  TRAs can apply to LTF for an annual administration grant that supports the everyday running of he association. 


The administration grant helps a TRA pay for various expenditures for example...

  • Venue hire to hold meetings

  • Producing promotional literature (such as newsletters, leaflets and advertising meetings)


LTF was set up with the support and commitment of Lewisham council. This gave tenants the opportunity to be involved in the decisions made about the quality and the range of housing services available to them through consultation.

The funding is acquired from the small amount within every tenant’s rent (currently 10p per week as at April 2016) which goes to fund tenant participation across the borough. This fund is primarily used to support existing Tenants’ and Residents Associations (TRAs) and setting up new ones. 


The fund is managed by the Lewisham Tenants' Fund Management Committee.

Tenant representatives are elected to this committee by tenants at the annual general meeting.

If you are interested in setting up a TRA please contact your landlord as they can offer practical support to tenants and leaseholders who are interested in setting up an association in their area. They can also help you obtain financial help from LTF to meet the initial costs in establishing an association.

For more contact details click here


Lewisham Tenants Fund (LTF) is an Independent Grant Funding for council tenants from...

  • Lewisham Homes

  • Regenter Brockley

  • Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs) Fiveways and Ewart Road Housing Co-operative.

Established in 1993 and managed by a management committee made up of Lewisham council tenants, LTF is committed to tenants being involved in how they manage their homes.

Independent Grant Funding for Tenants, established in 1993.
Managed for Tenants by Tenants. 

Landlords can apply for funding from LTF for the sole purpose of resident and community engagement which includes...

attending national conferences, events, consultations, resident training programme, resident engagement panel, resident scrutiny and much more.

There are number of additional grants that TRAs can also apply for such as...

  • Computers and office equipment

  • An events grant

The amount of the grant depends on the number of tenanted properties that form the association.


Getting involved in Lewisham Tenants Fund (LTF) is so easy.



Become a member of the LTF by downloading this form and returning to us at...




It can be a rewarding experience for individuals that wish to contribute their time and talents to governing a non-profit organisation. 

Learn from others and develop leadership skills that will be valuable to the work of LTF while giving back to your community.

If you have some spare time and some experience in...

  • financial management

  • business development and operations

  • customer service

  • marketing

  • banking

  • community development

  • strategic planning

...LTF would like to hear from you.

You can become a voting member of LTF or seek election to the LTF Management Committee. You don’t need to a financial wizard or an expert in the above skills! 

Please contact LTF for further information and find out what your potential contribution could be. 

Directors and Staff

Fund Administrator  

Shirley Henry Stearns


Shirley was elected a Director in 2013. Shirley has lived in Lewisham for over 26 years and works in catering as a chef and manager. She is also Chair of Kender TRA and a past Area Panel representative. Shirley became a Director to help make a difference and to help all tenants know where their money goes and to publicise how the Fund can help good causes.


Samson Owokoniran


Samson was elected a Director in 2019 and is also currently the Chair of The Whitehouse TRA 

Claudette Mortley


 Employment Liason Person


Claudette was elected a Director in 2010.

Claudette is very active in her community including being an officer of her tenants association in Honor Oak. Previously Claudette was a Trustee of her local community with experience of Chairing and being a Treasurer.

Colin Connell


Colin was elected a Director in 2013 and is an active member of Tanners Hill TRA in Deptford.  A past treasurer and Resident Engagement Panel representative.

Keith Walton


Vice Chair



Keith is a Lewisham Homes resident who was elected to the board of directors in September 2015.

He is currently the chair of Evelyn TRA in Deptford, represents his TRA at the Lewisham Homes’ Resident Engagement Panel (REP) and is an active member of the Resident Scrutiny Committee (RSC).


Alicia Barnes


Alicia has been a Lewisham council tenant for three years.  She volunteered for Southwark Citizen Advice Bureau. She has a background in law, procuring and maintaining contracts which will enable her to maintain good, up to date knowledge of relevant legislation, litigation, local policy as well as adhering to all aspects of confidentiality and Data Protection. 

Neil Poppmacher



Neil was elected a Director in 2019 and he is currently Treasurer of Honor Oak TRA. Neil as lived on the estate for many years.

Neil is also an ex board member of Lewisham Homes.

Nigel Bowness Director


Nigel is Lewisham Homes Board Member, a Trustee (Director) of Healthwatch, Chair of Healthwatch in Lewisham, a member of Lewisham CCG Public Reference Group and an Associate Tutor with Greenwich University’s under and post graduate Social Work programme with a particular interest in the role of housing in health and wellbeing.



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