LTF provides funding for the development, support and training of Lewisham council tenants’ groups to further the tenants’ movement.

Established in 1993 and managed by a management committee made up of Lewisham council tenants, Lewisham Tenants Fund (LTF) is committed to funding tenants being involved in how they manage their homes.  

Tenants and Residents Association Training


LTF provides funding for local Tenants and Residents Associations (TRAs) to undertake a range of training and receive support.  From committee skills training such as Chairing, Secretary and Treasurer Skills, to personal development courses for individual committee members wanting to work more effectively within the community.

Residents Training


LTF funding enables Lewisham Homes (LH) and Regenter Brockley (RB3) to provide training and development opportunities aimed at their residents.  Residents can take part in a range of short courses designed to improve their skills in areas such as computing, negotiating, budgeting skills etc.

LTF also funds specific training courses for residents interested in assisting Lewisham Homes and Regenter Brockley in developing better housing policies and procedures.  These are courses run by the Tenant Participatory Advisory Services (TPAS) and are designed to help drive improvements for tenants and communities.  It is also a great opportunity for tenants to network and learn in different ways. 





LTF acknowledges that from time to time there is a need for bespoke training and support required for TRAs.  They need that extra support to help committee officers to gain a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities.  This includes how they can engage more effectively with their residents and challenge their landlord regarding decisions made about their homes.  For this purpose, over the

coming months, LTF has commissioned a training and development consultant to provide 1-2-1 support to TRAs.

Resident Scrutiny Committee

LTF grants also supports the many ways tenants can be involved in how their housing services are managed.  We have funded Lewisham Homes’ Resident Scrutiny Committee and have seen how their residents can be influential, playing a vital role in changing policies, practices and the environment.  

For further information about courses run by TPAS check out:

If you are interested in courses by TPAS or training for TRAs please contact:


Tel:  0208 314 1006               



For training and development courses provided by Lewisham Homes go to:

For training and development course opportunities by Regenter Brockley email:   


Joy Burnett 
Training and Development Consultant

LTF welcomes Joy Burnett as a new independent consultant that provides training and support to Regenter Brockley and Lewisham Homes’ Tenants and Residents Associations.


Joy is a former TPAS award winning Resident Involvement Officer. She has been recognised for her work in supporting and developing some of Lewisham Homes resident and community led projects in gaining awards and national recognition.


Her career in social housing stems from over 20 years of housing management and community engagement experience with the council and Lewisham Homes.


From June 2016, Joy will be working with Lewisham Homes TRAs, establishing new resident involvement links with Regenter Brockley and will primarily focus her efforts to assist TRAs to:

  • develop their objectives, priorities and supporting them to deliver them through a Community Development Plan

  • organising and delivering committee training to TRAs

  • provide mentoring and 1-2-1 support

  • provide mediation when necessary

  • train and support TRAs to hold community events

  • provide advice and assistance to established and new resident groups

  • to support TRAs to network with other community groups within their area

  • help TRAs to apply for funding for their community activities


Joy Burnett can be contacted between 10.00am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday


m: 07426040923 

Jane Eyles

 Jane Eyles is an independent consultant providing mentoring and training (through TPAS) to Lewisham Homes Resident Scrutiny Committee.

He has 20 years working with social housing providers and an expert specialising in:

  • resident involvement,

  • community investment,

  • strategic management and

  • performance improvement.   

Jane is also a senior associate consultant and trainer with TPAS