'O Christmas Tree! 'O Christmas Tree!

Community Christmas Tree Lights up the

Holiday Season

Honor Oak Tenants and Residents Association (HOTRA) brought Christmas to the Honor Oak estate in Brockley.

Even in the gloomiest of winters, the Turnham Green Triangle was sparkling with festive cheers, thanks to HOTRA and their supporters.

The annual event was held on 11/12/20. Members of HOTRA and local residents planted the Christmas Tree which was donated by the Telegraph Hill local assemblies.

Children and their parents from Turnham Academy, Beecroft and John Stainer Schools attended and took part in decorating this year's, 12ft Christmas tree.

Ho! Ho! Father Christmas was in the neighbourhood, being John Morgan, Chair of HOTRA, giving out festive party bags to the children. With the delicious taste of homemade mulled wine for adults, cakes and soft drinks, this event was buzzing with Christmas vibes and spreading community spirit.

Local residents enjoyed the event and thanked HOTRA for putting on the event for another year, particularly during a very challenging time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many thanks goes to the Honor Oak Community Centre for their financial contribution to the event and local shopkeeper, Jindi for donating the light refreshments.

HOTRA would like to thank their three ward councillors, Joan Millbank, Paul Bell and Luke Sorba for attending the event and their ongoing support during he year. The school children of Turnham Academy for making some of the decorations for the community Christmas tree.

Special thanks to Lewisham Homes' caretakers for promoting the event to local residents and for their green services cutting the grass area making it free from debris prior to the event.

The Honor Oak estate's community Christmas Tree will be on show opposite the Turnham Road shop parade, for all to enjoy over the festive period.

HOTRA was not deterred by putting on a celebratory event this Christmas for their Community, and by using our funding, they were able to do this successfully and in partnership with others.

Check out our other posts of how some Lewisham Homes' Tenants and Residents Associations (TRAs) used our funding to bring the true meaning of Christmas to their local community during the pandemic.

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