A Tenants and Residents Association (TRA) is a group of people who get together to discuss issues that may be affecting the area where they live.


Some TRAs focus on housing issues, such as repairs and maintenance, whilst others might have an interest in other community issues, such as the environment or crime.

A TRA gives residents more say in how their estate is run and allows them to work with their landlord to find solutions to problems affecting their area. 

Being part of a TRA has its advantage as they can organise events and activities for all residents to enjoy, helping residents to get to know each other, developing good community spirit, building positive working relationships with groups that have an interest of where they live.  Moreover, it gives the TRA a sense of achievement'.

If you have some spare time and some experience, LTF would like to hear from you. You can become a voting member of LTF or seek election to the LTF Management Committee. You don’t need to be a financial wizard !


Current TRAs:

Achilles TRA (New Cross)

Argosy & Lanyard TRA (Deptford)

Bampton Estate TRA (Forest Hill)                                                  

Bence House TRA (Deptford)                                                                    

Colonnade & Terrace TRA (Deptford)

Clement & Pendennis TRA (Deptford)                                                        

Crofton Park TA (Brockley)

Crossfields RA (Deptford)

Daubeney Tower TRA (Deptford)                      

Eddystone TRA (Deptford)                                                                                    

Evelyn TRA (Deptford)

Fairfields TRA (Catford)

Forest Estate RA (Forest Hill)

Waverly Court TRA (Sydenham)

Welland Court TRA (Catford)

Winslade RA​ (New Cross)

Hatfield TRA (New Cross)

Honor Oak TRA (Brockley)

Jerningham TRA (New Cross)

Kender Estate TRA (New Cross)

Lewisham Hill RA (Central Lewisham)

Nuding Close & Shell Road TRA  (Brockley)

Pond, Paragon & Ryculff TRA (Blackheath)

Roseview TRA (Lewisham)

Somerville United TRA (New Cross)

Tanners Hill TRA (Deptford)

The Vineries TRA (Catford)

The Whitehouse TRA (New Cross)

Lewisham Tenants Fund a Company Limited by guarantee

Registered in England and Wales | Registration number 03667773

Registered office: Laurence House, Catford Road, London SE6 4RU

(c) 2016

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